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    SM-3210F Diethylenetriaminepentakis(methylphosphonic acid)

    Chemical structure:



    ◎excellentscale inhibition for calcium carbonate,calcium sulfateand barium sulfate.Inhibiting efficiency is 2~3 times as high as ATMP.Also the corrosion-inhibition   effect issuperior toHEDP and ATMP.

    ◎well scale inhibition in high alkalinity and high hardness water.

    ◎strong chelation forcalcium ion,iron ion,cupric ion,zinc ionand aluminium ion.

    ◎better threshold value.

    ◎well thermostable performance and antioxygenic property.

    ◎efficientcorrosion inhibition for carbon steel equipment 

    ◎low-phosphorous and environmental.



    reddish brown transparent liquid

    Active matter content


    Phosphorous acid(PO33-)content


    PH(1% aqueous solution)




     Calcium chelate value(CaCO3)mg/g



    This product is used as a scale-corrosion inhibitorin high alkalinity,high hardness and high PH(10~11)water.Also we use this product in oilfield flooding and cooling water system thatcontainhighbarium sulfate. It is a scale-corrosion inhibitorforboiler waterand astabilizerfor peroxides.It is especially suitable for closed circulation system of ash-sluicing water in power plants.


    When this product is added alone or compounded with other agents,the general dosage is 2~10㎎/L.

    Packaging and storage:

    ◎25㎏or 250㎏packed in a plastic drum.

    ◎Stored in a cool and dry place.

    ◎Usable life:1 year.


    Changzhou SanmingJingHui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

    Contact:Ms Zhang
    Address:HengshanQiao Town, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China