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    SM-D-05E Copper corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor (Water soluble benzotriazole)

    Performance characteristics:

    ◎This product is a modified product of benzotriazole, and it is also a commonly used corrosion inhibitor for copper and copper alloy.
    ◎It can dissolve with water in any proportion, has a wide application range and is convenient to use.

    ◎To acid, alkali, redox property is stable, thermal stability is good, not easy to decompose.

    Physicochemical index:


    Pale yellow to yellow transparent liquid

    Solid content


    PH value (1% aqueous solution)


    Density (20℃) g/cm3



    Areas of application:

    This product is used as copper corrosion inhibitor in cooling water chemical treatment, especially in refrigeration systems, central air conditioning systems, power plant condensers and other systems as corrosion inhibitors.

    This product is used as copper corrosion inhibitor. The dosage is 1.0mg / L, 5.0mg / L, and 25~50mg/L is used in combination with other corrosion inhibitors.

    Packaging and storage:

    This product is packed in 25kg plastic drum; store in a cool and dry place; valid for 1 year.


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