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    SM-D-05F Corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor for closed circuit system

    Performance characteristics:
    ◎This product is composed of phosphoric acid, aluminate, sulfonate, saw corrosion inhibitor and so on. It is suitable for all kinds of closed circulating cooling water system, and also suitable for low temperature freezing water system.
    ◎Contains a variety of corrosion inhibitors, to different materials have a good corrosion inhibition.
    ◎High temperature resistance, good chemical stability, long lasting time and so on.

    ◎Compound medicament, the operation is simple.

    Physicochemical index:


    Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid

    Solid content


    Total phosphoric acid content (in PO43)


    PH value (1% aqueous solution)


    Density (20℃) g/cm3



    Areas of application:

    This product is suitable for all kinds of closedcirculating cooling water system.

    During the initial period, 1000mg / L of this product shall be added according to the amount of water stored in the system. During normal operation, the addition of this product shall be carried out according to the addition of lkg for every ton of water supplied.

    Packaging and storage:

    This product is packed in 25kg plastic drum; store in a cool and dry place; valid for 1 year.


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    Address:HengshanQiao Town, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China